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Grow your share of a $7 Billion industry.

According to sites like HomeGuide.com https://homeguide.com/costs/hardwood-flooring-cost/

The average labor cost to install hardwood flooring is $4,213. Most homeowners are spending between $2,311 and $6,115 on wood floor labor cost. This can potentially generate $120,172 to $317,980 average in installation labor per year if your doing only 1 average wood floor labor job per week.

The average cost to install tile is $1,672 with most homeowners spending $825 to $2,520 in tile labor. If you are doing only 1 job per week doing tile labor this comes out to $42,900 to $131,040 per year in doing tile labor.

If your doing both tile and wood flooring labor that can mean $163,072 to $449,020 a year potential average gross income. An Eco Floor Systems franchise program can help you achieve this.

solid proof of what is possible.

  • The average hardwood floor installation cost is between $3-$9 a square ft. In labor alone.
  • The video below demonstrates our team in Austin, TX install 1,200 sq.ft in less then 1 day.

1200 sq X $3-9 a sq ft.= $3600-$10,800

What does it cost to own an Eco Floor Systems Franchise?

Every year, American homeowners install more than 7 billion Tap into this growth market with an ultra-low down payment and a low, fixed monthly royalty fee.

  • Liquid Capital Required: $40,000
  • Net Worth Required: $60,000
  • Total Investment: $67,645 - $178,907
  • Franchise Fee: $23,500
  • Financing Assistance: AVAILABLE
  • Training and Support: YES

The first 3 month are payment differed $23,500.00 License fee 56 months $6,000.00 down $419.64 monthly payments. $399.00 monthly license royalty fee.

What is the science behind Eco Floor Systems?

Based on the facts of the size of the flooring industry the installation average cost of wood and tile one can agree on one thing. The flooring market is huge and per job average labor earning potential is big. We have a system and training to get you there. Look at this video below to see how installing over 1000 sq ft in a day is possible.

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