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eco floor system process

Inspired by synergy, comes a superior wood flooring system. It features traditional solid sand on site hardwood, and modern pre-manufactured engineered hardwood with a thick top.

Why our floors are commercial grade.

Most and all other pre-finished engineered hardwoods or solids are hand scraped to hide scratches and have one time use aluminum oxide or polyurethane finish that act like a thin sheet of glass. Once these floors are scratched, they are next to impossible to repair or simply cannot be repaired. These floors may do well in light traffic areas but most pre-manufactured finishes are not commercial grade. Why? Because they are not renewable or not easily renewed.

Eco Floor Systems thick top is renewable and have an all natural commercial grade finish that contain 0% VOCs. How are they commercial grade? Because they can be easily renewed and very easy to fix. Simply take the finish and rub into the wood making noticeable scratches fade out.

The first step is to install our pre-engineered unfinished product. It has a thick top and the benifits of engineered criss-cross ply


Flat floors require less maintenance

Our floors are sanded down flat so cleaning and sanitizing them is easy since cleaning a flat surface is easier. After our wood floors are installed, they’re sanded flat smooth on site, then we apply an all natural commercial grade finish.

This is how wood floors were done centuries ago.

Our floors are structurally sound.

Our wood floors have just as much sandable top surface as do 3/4" solids. The issue with using 3/4" solid hardwood is that their designed to be originally nailed on peer and beam. They aren’t recommended inside homes with concrete foundations. This is due partly to fluctuations in humidity levels caused inside a home or business whose environment is dependent on an A/C unit and are known to overly expand due to moisture level fluctuations. This may cause cupping, squeaking, or gapping.

This is why engineered hardwoods were invented. The issue that existed before is the myth that engineered hardwoods are fake. This myth is true and is also false. It becomes true with the very thinly engineered wood flooring products out on the market with paper thin tops and non-sandable top surfaces.

Alternatively, our floors are 5/8" engineered with stability benefits that will not allow hardwoods to shift, expand, or gap. They also come with approximately 5mm of wear layer compared to a solid 3/4" 7mm wear layer.

We use the Monocoat all natural finish

Since it’s an all natural plant oil based, it seals the floor while nourishing the wood. Other finishes may completely block out air from wood completely drying hardwoods that may cause splitting. The Monocoat finish repels liquids allowing the floor to breath.